Monday, February 1, 2010

Birthday Girl!

         Momma                            See the resemblance?
I have had a very nice birthday. It started last night having dinner with Griffin, Christina, and Mike. Griffin gave me the new Dean Koontz book that I began last night in bed. This morning I had a cinnamon roll (with a candle) and coffee while reading the newspaper. I have had many FB birthday wishes, emails, and calls from friends and family. BFF's from FL, MI, IL, AR have called, and flowers arrived from my KY BFF. Mike suggested going to Carabba's for lunch, but I told him I would rather stay home and relax. February is a big month for us. With my birthday, Mike's birthday (3rd), Valentine's Day, and our anniversary (24th) we usually get each other one big gift, or in my case, a lot of little things....stamps, punches, markers, paper....It works out well for me since CHA just ended, and there are so many new toys on the market. I can hardly wait to shop! Thanks to everyone who made my day special. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.

I suppose many of you are wondering what is next now that the 60 Influential People has been completed. 
I wonder the same thing; however, I do know that I will continue on this road. The last 31 days were cathartic. Mr. Webster says catharsis is "the alleviation of fears, problems, and complexes by bringing them to consciousness and giving them expression". I don't know if I alleviated anything, but it sure feels good to have my thoughts written down. Journaling, for journaling's sake, never interested me, but maybe the counselor in me thinks I can help others this way....or maybe it's just narcissism.


Kevin & Cindy said...

We are glad you had a GREAT BIRTHDAY! You are a dear, sweet,
friend who we think the world of
Kevin and Cindy

Vicki C said...

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! How totally fun! What a great way to celebrate 60! I'm going back to read more...


Pam S. said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day and will have a great month! All the best to you!
Pam Going Postal