Thursday, January 7, 2010

Global Warming?'s freezing in much for 'Global Warming'!

This card was made using two Magnolia stamps, Copic markers, and Nestabilities (snowflakes).
All items can be purchased at Stamping .

Day 7 Influential People:
Mrs. Crook (Nina's mother): She fed me many meals when I was at her house even though she had several children of her own to feed. Not once did she suggest that I go home and eat. Maybe she knew my mother was deceased, my daddy was an alcoholic, and there was little to eat at our house. Her kindness nourished my body and soul.
Mr. Hulsey: Mr. Hulsey taught at the junior high level in Harrisburg, Arkansas. I remember him as a kind teacher who was an encourager. I don't remember what he taught (I think it was science), but I do remember him being supportive and helping me feel successful. Thanks, Mr. Hulsey.

Thanks for coming along on this journey with me. Stay safe and warm! Linda

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