Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Treasure Found

Recently I visited one of my 60 Influential People to deliver the wedding glasses I had found while cleaning and purging. During the visit I observed my friend's granddaughters writing and drawing. Later, as I thought about the girls, I remembered a Fisher Price toy in our attic. The toy, a desk with magnetic letters and chalkboard, had belonged originally to Mary Dee's girls, Amy and Beth. As a little boy, Griffin enjoyed playing with the desk when we visited. Since her girls had outgrown the toy, Mary Dee gave it to Griffin.

Fast forward 25 years.........

I located the toy in our attic, cleaned it, and now it is ready to be returned to the original owners. There is plenty of fun still left in this toy. I know Mary Dee's grandchildren will enjoy playing with a toy that once belonged to their mothers.


Sheri said...

I remember that toy! What a nice thing for you to do. I am sure the girls will treasure it and their grandma even more so.

Anonymous said...

how awesome Linda! I remember this desk... I don't think I had one but one of the nieces or nephews did! You are so thoughtful!
Pam Going Postal