Saturday, May 8, 2010

More Poetry for Mothers

Cradle Song
Sleep, little baby of mine,
Night and the darkness are near,
But Jesus looks down
Through the shadows that frown,
And baby has nothing to fear.

Shut, little sleepy blue eyes;
Dear little head, be at rest:
Jesus, like you,
Was a baby once, too,
And slept on His own mother's breast.

Sleep, little baby of mine,
Soft on your pillow so white;
Jesus is here
To watch over you, dear,
And nothing can harm you tonight.

O, little darling of mine,
What can you know of the bliss,
The comfort I keep,
Awake and asleep,
Because I am certain of this?

This photo of Griffin and me was taken a few years ago. The three of us had gone out to eat. This layout* is from the June Sassy Scrapper kit. The kit will be available the first Saturday in June.
* It is a 'scraplift' from a 2007 scrapbooking magazine. I'm not sure who the designer was.

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aaaaahhhh...wonderful page Linda!
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