Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Negative Consequence for Procrastination

  Hello Friends!
  If you are like me, you like to win things, and there is an opportunity to win $100 worth of scrapbooking adhesives. As scrapbookers and card makers we go through a great deal of sticky stuff....glue sticks, double-sided tape, dots, 3D tapes, and tabs. My artsy friend, Vicki Chrisman, is on the Scrapbook Adhesive by 3L Design Team. On her blog she has directions on how to enter. Here is the link to her blog VickiChrisman . While you are at her blog be sure to check out her great designs.

  Another artsy friend, Nicole Anderson, is offering bling on her blog. She is a talented jewelry artisan along with being an awesome card maker. You can check out her jewelry and comment to win on her blog,
 Gotta Have Bling . Be sure to look at the strawberry beads, they are yummy!

  A reader ask about the PROCRASTINATION NO MORE (PNM) project and how to get started. I suggested she list 21 things she needs to do that she has procrastinated about and then assign then to a letter. I reminded her that she has 'poetic license' when it comes to matching activities to letters. The main idea of the project is to get things done, and the letters are just a way to keep up with the 21 days. I am excited that my PROCRASTINATION NO MORE project is catching on. Think of all the things that are getting done and how good people are feeling about what they are doing. People engaged in PNM are getting rid of stress when they get things accomplished. New readers can learn more about my PNM project here.

  My fear of not having enough wallpaper was realized today. No, I didn't buy enough. If I had worked on this project when I first bought the paper I could have ordered more, but now that is not possible. That is my negative consequence for my procrastination. Now I have to decide what to do about the other wall! I am not going to let this situation discourage me and cause me to quit my PNM project. Tomorrow is the letter C and I am going to do several things.
      P....put stuff in attic....done
      R....roll of wallpaper...started more day of wallpapering....not enough paper! needs to be washed/vacuumed and cards (2) to make for design team assignments

   I am excited about tomorrow. I am having lunch with one of my 60 Influential People. If you are new to my blog you can check here to find out about my 60 Influential People. She and I get together about twice a year to eat Asian food and catch up on the latest. We always have a good time together.

   Here is another sneak peek at a part of the March Sassy Scrapper kit. The kits will be for sale March 1 at the Sassy Scrapper.

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sommar said...

Yesterday was my O day & I chose to ORGANIZE my craft room. Today I will finish doing that & CLEAN the RV. Linda, I would not be getting all this done if I hadn't hopped on your PNM challenge! DH says my R day needs to be REST. I don't think so!

Nicole said...

HEY Linda!! Thanks for the shout out on my candy! I haven't had the time to write out my 21 list yet, but have been making notes here and there! I know of a dozen things I want to tackle! I don't mean to procrastinate in getting this done, really! Just been a busy, bad day at the Anderson home!