Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Light Bulb Moments

   I made another envelope valentine card using  Whimsie Doodles images. Instead of using coin envelopes, I used regular red envelopes that I cut to fit.

  I thought this would be a perfect valentine for Mike. I could write on each tag a message such as 'this is good for a homemade apple pie' or 'redeem this for your favorite meal'. Leave a comment if you would like for me to post a tutorial on how to make this type of card. It would be great for Father's Day also.

 Are you wondering about the letter for today? Yes, I worked on the letter R. First thing I did was to locate a can of sizing to put on the walls before I wallpapered. The can of sizing was dried up! Oh no! I could type that excuse for not wallpapering, but how would that help me and others? I kept looking and finally located a partial can. I went right to work putting the sizing on the walls. While I waited the recommended amount of drying time, I pulled the wallpaper out of the closet. A light came on over my head..CLUE #1 to why I had procrastinated.....fear that I had not purchased enough of the paper. I remembered that after I bought it I questioned if I had enough.....and of course, 3 or 4 years later, it certainly won't be available. (Everyone say, duh!)
  I carefully measured the walls and the paper to see how I could make what I had work. Another light bulb came on..CLUE #2 to my procrastination....there are 6 doors, the air inlet, thermostat, doorbell, and a fire alarm to paper around. What a pain in the behind! I cut several strips of paper, and then took one to dip in water. I dipped the strip, let it rest to allow for expansion, and then began to hang the first piece. It went up easily. I smoothed it to get out the air bubbles, checked the plumb line, and then began to cut off the excess. Ugh! Light bulb moment CLUE #3....I had worked with this type paper previously and remembered it tears easily, especially when wet! I took my time trimming and continued wallpapering until dinner time.
  What did I learn today? I learned that fear and frustration caused my procrastination. I was afraid I hadn't bought enough paper and what would I do if I ran out before I finished? I was frustrated by how easily the paper tore when being cut, and there were so many things to cut around. So now that I've started I will just have to be careful when I cut the wallpaper, I can't be wasteful, and if there isn't enough.....I'll cross that bridge if I get to it.
  P put stuff in attic..done
  R rolls of paper.....started
  O one more day of papering

  Funny thing, I have only been working on my procrastination tendency 2 days, and I already feel better. When I look in the bedroom those containers are not there, and the wallpapering I have put off for several years has started. I can only imagine how good I will feel after 21 days. Think of all the things I will have accomplished. What have you completed and how do you feel?


sommar said...

Yesterday was my R day so I Relaxed & enjoyed working on my valentines. Yes, this is relaxing & I did enjoy giving myself permission to devote a good amount of time doing it. Besides I had been putting it off & Valentines Day is quickly approaching. Today I will ORGANIZE my craft room & finish those valentines.

Nicole said...

EMAIL ME!! I want to do this procrastination thing, too! Those four reasons are me and I do need a therapy group for help! HELP and email me!!

Christina said...

Griff calls me monkeydoodle haha love this!

Anary said...

I loved the project...so creative!
I need you here to get me out of my procrastination wagon!