Monday, February 15, 2010


  This Amaryllis was given to me by one of my 60 Influential People. The photos do not do justice to this beautiful flower. I have enjoyed watching it bloom.

  PROCRASTINATION NO MORE (PNM) seems to be catching on. One of my readers who is working on PNM put information about it on her blog. Her sister read about it and decided to try it also. She then wrote about it on her blog. Who knows how many people will be changing their procrastination habits before this is over. One thing for sure, those of us doing PNM are getting things done in a timely manner. Two of the benefits from not procrastinating are having things completed and being less stressed.
  I struggled with my procrastination today. The snow falling and the cold temperature made me want to huddle on the couch under a quilt. I did start on the guest bedroom, and Mike helped me hang a small cupboard. It will take another day for me to finish with the room. My cards that are due this week are finished.
  S.....Sassy Scrapper design work to do.

 Stay warm and drive carefully if you get out! LC

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sommar said...

Just got your beautiful card! Thanks ever so much!