Friday, January 22, 2010


  Today I received a comment from a reader who complimented me by saying I was good at writing my thoughts and that I was transparent. Just out of curiosity I grabbed old Webster just to see what he had to say about transparency. Since I can't be seen through, I decided the reader meant that I was honest, open, and candid.
  While writing about my 60 Influential People my intent is to be honest, open, and positive. Just like everyone, there have been people in my life who have had negative influences on my life; however, when I think about each one of them, I realize that I learned from the situation.

Day 22 Influential People:
Tracy Shuey introduced me to Susan Smith by inviting me to a Bunko party.
Susan Smith and I began our friendship by discussing scrapbooking at a Bunko party. We went from being Bunko partners to scrapbooking pals. Soon we became friends. I am 20+ years older than Susan, so sometimes she was my 'little sister' and sometimes my 'daughter'. I have learned a great deal from Susan being my friend.

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