Saturday, January 9, 2010

This has been an exciting craft week for me. One of my cards was recognized by "Just Us Girls" Challenge , and I have a tutorial on Purple Onion Designs. What a great way to start the year!

Day 9 Influential People:
Dr. Greever, my advisor at MTSU, was understanding, kind, and wise.
Dr. Ginanni, English professor at MTSU, had compassion for me when I was struggling. During a brief time when I was homeless, he gave me extended time for an assignment. He took time to listen to my plight and was understanding and encouraging. What may have seemed like a small concession on his part was a huge gift to a young woman who needed a break. Thanks, Dr. Ginanni.

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Linda Allen said...

There WERE some good professors at MTSU. Dr. Greever was a favorite of mine, too. But then...who was the guy who in the middle of his social studies block would fall asleep during his own lecture and let his elbow (holding his own head mind you) drop off the desk and wake himself up!