Sunday, January 10, 2010

Class of '68

Day 10 Influential People:
Benja Ballentine Morgan was a great friend in high school. She was the first person I got to know when I enrolled in Murfreesboro Central. We spent hours listening to music, riding in 'Bonnie', putting on makeup, fixing our hair, and talking about boys. Benja and I had many sleepovers during high school, but spending Friday night at her house was not a good idea if you wanted to sleep late on Saturday morning. I remember her mother started rattling the pots and pans about 7 AM on Saturday morning, and Benja's bedroom was next to the kitchen! She was an important part of my high school days, and even after high school she continued to help me through some difficult days. Thanks, Benja, for being my BFF!
Randy LaFevor was my high school boyfriend....enough said!

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