Monday, January 18, 2010


Today I sat on the front porch in the sunshine. It felt good to have the sun shining on me while I sipped my coffee and read a paperback that Griffin loaned to me. He and I have the same taste in fiction and horror. A little later Mike joined me on the porch; we sat in the rockers soaking up the sun grateful for our blessings.

Day 18 Influential People:
Griffin Ashburn Cummings is our son. I could write a great deal about Griffin, as could all mothers about their children, but I want to tell you about a particular situation in which Griffin made me so very proud. In May of 1990 when Griffin was 10 years old I had a surgical procedure that was botched. The result was that I was forced to wear Depends, the adult diapers. That situation was bad enough when I just sat at home, but it was summertime and there were places to go. Griffin and I had season tickets to Opryland that summer just like we had in previous summers. When I took Griffin to Opryland that summer I also took along a bag full of diapers. Griffin would ride a ride or do an activity, and then I would have to take a bathroom break. All day long the routine was ride, bathroom break, ride, bathroom break. Griffin was too young to leave alone, so he had to accompany me to the bathroom. He waited outside the bathroom patiently while I took care of my personal needs. Not once did he complain, fuss, or argue about the situation. He showed such compassion toward me, and he was just a little boy. I will never forget it. Thanks Son, Love You Forever
Dr. Dray repaired my bladder. He is an awesome doctor, and I could never repay him for what he did for me physically and emotionally. I believe he saved my life.


Linda Allen said...

This was the scariest time. I can remember praying and praying for you. I was so afraid that this wouldn't be fixed. There was fear in your voice I hadn't heard before.

Anonymous said...

horror?!!! yikes! lol Thanks for sharing about Griffin...our oldest grandson just turned ten on Monday!
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