Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bird Watching

Mike placed bird feeders and a birdbath in the backyard so that I could watch the birds from the kitchen. This winter I've seen cardinals, blue jays, finches, wrens, woodpeckers, robins, etc. One cold morning there were ten male cardinals taking turns eating from the feeders. I get a great deal of pleasure from the simple act of watching birds. Yesterday while sitting on the porch in the sun I saw a blue bird perched in one of our trees. I find that sometimes joy comes from the simplest of things.

Day 19 Influential People:
Ann and Charles Nored have been our neighbors for 25 years. Ann and I have laughed and cried together;
we have shopped, eaten, and had the ultimate American Idol experience together. She is the quiet Mary to my hustling-bustling Martha. Ann is a kind, compassionate lady and a great neighbor!
Several years ago I asked a favor of Charles. It wasn't one of those easy favors like pick up our mail or feed the cats. I asked him to officiate at the memorial service for a close friend's baby boy. He never hesitated. He put his arm around me, let me cry on his shoulder, and said 'yes'.


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda - I love your page! so fun to see how you used this paper, I have it in my stash and I always need inspiration! Course I love your Tilda on there too!
Pam Going Postal

Brenda said...

Just want you to know how much I LOVE reading your blog....what an inspiration you are to so many.

Cindy said...

Linda: I don't scrapbook, but if I did this is just the page I would do. Seeing a bluebird always makes me feel as if the day just can't get any better.

Ann said...

Charles & I count ourselves blessed to have such great friends and neighbors as Linda & Mike Cummings! Thanks, Linda, for including us in your influential people list!

CE Webster said...

I love bird watching, too! It does give you such simple pleasure. Thanks.

Carol Cauthron said...

Just another thing we have in common Linda. I love birdwatching too. I have quite a few feeders myself. I am loving reading your blog. Thank you for sharing.