Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 30

Here we are at the end of January with only one more day left before the big 60 birthday. This month has gone by quickly, as have the last 59 years. Time really does move faster the older one gets.

Day 30 Influential People:
Sandra Carroll was the first BFF I had. She lived next door to my Grandma and Grandpa Griffin. I don't remember when we met; it seems like I have always known Sandra. I probably knew her before I went to school. I am glad we have been able to reconnect through the wonders of modern technology.
John Scott, my senior English teacher, gave me good advice when I asked for it.
Diane Foust shared her teen magazines with me when I visited her house. It was after my momma had died, and I learned how to wear makeup from reading those magazines.
Janet Spruill, the most organized teacher I know, is fair and kind to her students.
Connie Edwards has a gift for making every child in her classroom feel special.
Penny Gregory welcomed me into her classroom. I enjoyed being with her students.
Diane Major, one of the hardest working woman I ever met, was the epitome of a parent volunteer.
Alpha Delta Pi Sorority gave me a place to belong when I was in college.
Jane LaFevers has a sweet smile that goes well with her sweet spirit. She and I had a bumpy start because of a misunderstanding, but I grew to respect her, and we became friends.

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Sandra D said...

I'm so glad we reconnected to, it's great to be able to talk to you again.