Sunday, January 24, 2010


I want to introduce a stamp company that is new to me. Bildmalarna is a Swedish stamp company, and is selling them. Bildmalarna is Swedish for 'picture painter'. Here is a card I made with Mimosa, a Bildmalarna image. It is a pop-up card that will fold flat to fit into an envelope. I plan to post a tutorial on this card in the near future.

Day 24 Influential People:
Deannie White taught me that kindness is possible even when divorce is involved. Mrs. White (Meme) was my daddy's second wife and the mother of 2 of my half- brothers and 1 half-sister. She and my daddy divorced when their 3 children were young. Some time later, my daddy married my momma, and I was born in 1950. Momma died in 1961 and Daddy died in 1963. I lived with a family in Arkansas, and then later lived with Polly, Meme's and Daddy's daughter. During the entire time that I lived with Polly, and even after I was grown, Meme always treated me like I was one of her grandchildren. I had a great deal of respect for Meme and Mr. White because of how they treated me.
Dr. Jack Arters asked me to help him write his memoirs. I learned a great deal during the process.


Kelley T said...

<3 MeMe! My great-grannie, I loved playing her piano and talking to PaPaw White :0

Brandy B said...

Meme! I liked all her old dresses and hated all the dead things on the walls. Thanks for the memories :) Love ya "Aunt" L!