Friday, July 22, 2011

Layout Ideas

Let's see if you are like me......

Do you sometimes get in a scrapbooking slump?
Do you have scrapbooking magazines* aplenty?
Do page layout 'plans' fail to inspire you?

Let me say up front I am not attempting to bad mouth page 'plans'. I know there are many of you who rely on them for structuring your layouts. That is not a bad thing. But for me I just don't get it. Oh, I get the concept of squares, rectangles, and such, but I am not inspired to create when I look at them.

This is my plan of action when I get in a slump.

I look through a  few scrapbooking magazine for layouts I like. I may like the color combination, the subject matter, or the construction. I cut the layouts out of the magazine and write on them why I am inspired. My notes may say "design", "school photo", "color combination", or "family". I might think a layout would be perfect with a specific set of photos and make a note of it. I tape them in a journal until I am ready to create.
If a magazine layout inspires me to use a particular paper and/or photo(s) I put all of the items together in a 12x12 folder. BTW, after I have used an idea I dispose of it. I don't usually duplicate a layout I have created.

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Here are some samples:

I am not sure which magazine this layout is from, but the artist is Christina Smith. It is actually a digital layout.
When I saw the layout in the magazine I thought it would be perfect for the photographs I had taken of mushrooms when Griffin, Christina, and I went mushroom hunting.

Here is my layout.

I apologize for not being able to give credit for this layout. I did not save the artist's or magazine's name. If you recognize this work please let me know so I can give her credit. The artist is Valerie Salmon. Thank you, Bettye! You are always so helpful!
Here is my layout.

Here are several pieces of patterned paper, a layout idea by Becky Fleck, and a photo I want to use in a layout. They are stored together.

I hope I have given you an idea or two and maybe inspired you to create. Thanks for stopping by. LC

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Vicki C said...

I always love new INSPIRATION! and love to hear how people find inspiration in different ways. thanks for sharing Linda!