Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fun in Bell Buckle

Linda and I spent the day in Bell Buckle, TN. We had a great time going through all of the antique stores.
Here are some photos from the day....
Phillips' General Store was one of our favorite stops. Billy, the owner, has such a knack at displaying and presenting his merchandise. There are 1000's of items in his store...from old wooden spools of thread to fishing lures...even lye soap.

Then we went around the corner to the Blue Bird Antiques. We both loved this sign.

  There were lots of things to look at, but what caught our eyes were the Moon Pies!  There were varieties we had never seen....strawberry, mint, orange, and peanut butter. Of course, they had the standard chocolate, banana, and vanilla. We each bought a sackful. If you have never eaten a Moon Pie after its been heated in the microwave you are missing a real treat; however, Southern folks know the proper way to eat a Moon Pie is with an RC Cola.

Bell Buckle has an annual Moon Pie Festival. Today we learned 25,000 people were in Bell Buckle for the  festival several weeks ago.

So many of the shops had cute and unique displays. One store, The Doodlebug, sells primitive decor which Linda and I both love. There were shelves, lamps, signs, and dolls. We both love handmade dolls.

What a fun day we had! We plan to hit more antique and thrift stores tomorrow.

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Sonia said...

how fun! Perfect day with a friend. I have only been to B.B. once, and that was the last BellBuckle craft fair. There were so many people, we couldn't even get into the stores.

OH, and I love rc cola!