Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Do Fish Have Ears?

You'd think at my age the illness of ear infections would go away, but it seems I get at least one or two a year. I can remember having only a couple of ear infections as a child. One I remember very vividly; I was 12 years old. My mother had died the previous winter, and I was living with my dad in not the best situation. Our house had burned down a month before, and we were living in a 2-room clapboard house without running water, bathroom facilities, or adequate heat. It was January 1962. I remember having a terrible ear ache, trying to sleep in a cold room, and crying for my mother because she would have known what to do. At the age of 12 I understood that my alcoholic father was not likely to offer any help. I was a sad little girl.

By the Grace of God, my situation has greatly improved. I live in a nice house, can afford medical attention and medicines, and have a great support system. Mike takes good care of me. Yes, my ears still hurt, but my life is so much better!

Luckily for Mike, ear infections are not contagious. He has been well and able to wade a few streams attempting to trick a fish or two. Here is a layout I created using some pattern paper from my stash, some old metal embellishments, and a Jolee. I also added a card from a library's card catalog (pre-computer days for my young readers) and an actual fly. Most scrapbookers have a stash of papers, embellishments, and doodads waiting to be used....Ok, girlfriends, drag out some of your old products and give it a try!


nannyj said...

I like this. been missing you.

cabio's craft corner said...

Pretty layout design Linda. I just got back from my vacation but currently suffer with a minor cold due to the hot and cold temp between in and out from Vegas. I think only one more day. I will fine :o)
hope Mike will be fine!

Anonymous said...

great sb layout Linda! My DH is a fisherman too! Believe it or not I've done a few spreads! Even paper pieced the Precious Moments fishing boy! I'll have to take pictures of the pages someday! lol
Pam Going Postal