Thursday, May 13, 2010

Collections and Celebrations

  We have a large primitive stepback cupboard in our eating area which is quite heavy and difficult to move. I knew one of the reasons for its weight was the hardbound decorating and country books stored inside. I had collected these books for 30 years. As I removed them from the cupboard I made a stack to take to the thrift store and several stacks to donate to the library. (Linebaugh has book sales during the year to create revenue, and May 15th is the date of the next sale.) When I delivered the books to the library, the lady on duty was glad to receive them. She stated the supply of decorating books had been depleted during the last sale. Here was another win-win situation brought about by my purging items from our home.
  You never know what you will find when you start cleaning out and purging. Behind a stack of books I found two engraved glasses from a 1994 wedding. Griffin had been a junior groomsman in a friend's (one of my 60 influential people) daughter's wedding, and the glasses had been favors at the wedding. I washed the glasses and called my friend to ask if she would like to have them. She said yes, she and Amy were collecting them just in case one of the five grandchildren wanted to use them in his/her wedding. Another win-win situation.
   The date of the wedding was May 14, 1994, so I want to wish Amy and Chris 'Happy Anniversary'. Amy, it has been a pleasure to watch you grow into a beautiful Christian wife and mother. I wish you and Chris many more years of joy and love.


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look at that handsome guy! What fun to have great photos!
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