Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hurry Spring!

 Most of us have been told not to 'wish your life away'....meaning don't hurry time, but I am so ready for sunshine and warm weather. I have been feeling poorly for the last several days due to my TMJ causing a migraine. On those days I tend to sleep more because of my medication. It sure cuts into the creativity.

  I thought I would share some spring cards to brighten the day. My favorite technique to use when stamping  is to create a scene. This usually means I use stamps from various companies which means I cannot submit them to the company website. For example, the 'Simple pleasures' card was made with two Magnolia stamps, a Stampin' Up stamp, and rub-ons. The lower one also was made with two Magnolia stamps and a Stampin' Up stamp. I use a tool called a 'Stamp-a ma-jig' for placing my elements in the correct location. When my head clears I will post a tutorial on how to use this tool. Many of you may have one and have never used it. Once you understand how it works it will become one of your favorite stamping tools.


Anonymous said...

I agree, wholeheartedly!!! I LOVE my stamp a ma jig! I've been going to do a tutorial for it too, but if you beat me, I won't be mad! lol I've taught it at stamp club and it just opens up a whole new world! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your cards Linda!
Bummer you don't feel good!
Pam Going Postal

Anonymous said...

Amiable brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you on your information.