Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stampin' Up! Saturday

The stamp club I belong to met today. It is a great group of women who enjoy being together. Not only do these women stamp, snack, and make cards, they support each other. I joined in Dec. '08 and appreciate how they have welcomed me into the group and made me one of them. We made a pop-up card today, and it was a new technique for most of us. I plan to make another one and post it wouldn't want to see my first attempt!

Day 16 Influential People:
Konnie Kress Streeter and I became friends in the summer of 1961 or 62 when I was visiting in Murfreesboro. In 1965 when I moved to Murfreesboro we reestablished our friendship. We spend a great deal of time together listening to music and doing our hair. We even had matching outfits. Konnie is a couple of years older so she had a car first. During the 'flower power' days we adhered large flowers on her VW bug which later was damaged when a tornado hit her home on Bradyville Pike. I remember us huddling in the hall listening to the wind and hail. Konnie had a job before I did and was always generous with her hard-earned money. Later when Konnie married I would visit her in FL. She was an excellent hostess.  I will have to say that Konnie has always been a top-notch friend, and I will have to admit that I have not always been the friend that I should have been. I have made some mistakes and errors in judgment during our 45 years of friendship. Through all of that Konnie has remained my friend. Thanks for being my BFF even when I failed! Love you!
Dr. Berry was the doctor who delivered our son, Griffin. It was a difficult delivery, and his knowledge and experience saved both of our lives. Thank you.

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