Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

The peonies in our yard are blooming beautifully even though the rain has beaten them down a bit. I was introduced to these fragrant flowers when I was a little girl. On Mother's Day, my momma and I would wear dark pink peony blossoms to church to signify that our mothers were living. Sadly, my momma died when I was eleven, and I began wearing white blossoms to church. I didn't like wearing the white blossom because I felt it singled me out from the other children. I was the only child wearing a white flower. It seemed to me that the only other people wearing white blossoms were old people. I understood the tradition, but I didn't like it.

At the age of 13, I went to live with my half-sister and her family. Her children accepted me like a big sister. I will be grateful to Polly forever.

When our son was born, Mother's Day took on a new meaning. Much of the sadness of Mother's Day was replaced by the joy of being a mother. Griffin fills our lives with excitement, humor, happiness, and love. Being a mother is hard work, but so rewarding.

I am grateful for the women in my life. They have carried me through difficult times. Happy Mother's Day, and I love you........FPH, LGA, MDF, SSA, KKS, MO, AN, BBM, FJ, BH and many others.


Susan Smith-Alltop said...

Happy mother's day Elsie! I love you!

Brenda said...

Is the BH me???
I love you LC!!!!